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od kukinko69
Angelic Upstarts – never ad nothing
VA –OI! We are the bois /21piesni – zona a-kolotoc,na to zabudni,klasse kriminale,patriot..../

Vans Warped Tour 06 – 2cd /nofx,flogging moly,time again,anti flag,....51piesni/

Incident – Streetsymphony
Incident – Streetrhapsody
Cobra – hello this is cobra + dvd
Skarface/Private Radio – take it easy
Skarface – sex , scooters and rocknroll
Warrior Kids – warrior kids are alright
Deadline –where were you? /vyberovka 26piesni/
Zona A – Na predaj
Iron Maiden – killers

Crusaders – throwing down the gauntlet
Devilskins – radio zombie rock
Guerilla – Virus macht
Destruct / mad pigs
Guerilla – chapter iV emancipation
Swingin Utters – the sounds wrong
Church of Confidence – teaching the children the blues
Mighty mighty bosstones – live from the middle east
Mighty mighty bosstones – lets face it
Konflikt – No Return

Church of Confidence – on the hook!
Crusaders – anger inside
Walls of Jericho – all hail the dead
Lab Rats / Climax – International punx split
What we Feel
Odpad – vrutocka 12tha demo
Ex-Cathedra – forced knowledge

The Black Halos – alive without control
The Braces – ska got soul
Phantoms on fire – hangmans bride
Francine – Ring for a day
Yellow Spots – ot fogasos vacsora a belezosokkel
Telekoma – anfang oder ende
Klartex Punkrock – der staat ist tot

V/A – Brewed in canada
Peace brothers – BlackJack
Sloppy Seconds – live no time for tuning
The Heroines – Groupie
Sartana –trade your pistol for a coffin
V/A – saints and sinners –spookshw,pipes and pints,sarah blackwood,sewer rats...
Fuck it all – unite
Fight Ball
Good Reason – Age of reason
COR – Lieber tot als sklave
Dominator –Home sweet home
Primates – rabiando rabia
Opposite Against
NoName / The Scarred – split
Harry on the bottlf –old stream new wave
Hibakusha – Morula
The Carnival – Kivulias
GameFace – thgree to get ready
Abhorrence – the blood of hatred
The Carnival – Kivulias
GameFace – thgree to get ready
Abhorrence – the blood of hatred
DeadFall – cut loose howling
OderFlut – Frei and Laut
Die Keine Ahnung – arschlocher raus
Karramba – coma belarus
Uguaglianza – Dalla Strada
V/A – best of demos 98 /skapra supina,ine kafe,.../
V/A – Saturday morning – cartoons greatest hits /ramones,revrend horton heat,,sublime,.../
Chov-hro-chov – 4ciary pri mociary
Punkreas- obete vojny

V/A - Shreds vol. 3 – american underground 95
MELT – alpha et omega
Mr. Bubble B. and coconuts-bum